Mula: The Cycle of Shadow


A short casual platformer with scaling difficulty.


Mula is the story of the protagonist named Wave a survivor of the dark invasion of the land of Mula. Wave finds himself to be the guardian that will prevent the next invasion, at the cost of his existence. As it has always been done.


A platformer with a heavy focus on art and sound. Designed to be short and have enough mechanics and features to keep the first few play through a different experience in the beginning and balances out towards the end. Cater to the player’s ability to take on different play styles on how to approach the early stages of the game and work toward finishing it.


The story of the game revolves around the protagonist wave who is a survivor of the prophesied “Dark Invasion“ or better known as “Nostrumort’s Invasion“ in the book. Wave is destined to be the guardian that protects, prevents, delays or ends the invasion on the land of mula from nostrumort, in his worlds’ iteration.

The iteration takes its roots from a multiverse of the land of mula where Nostrumort The Dark Lord, Jumps from each iteration of mula to another for the sole purpose of destroying the living to obtain his own true peace.




A limited version of the game containing the starting level and 1 dungeon with a boss fight. Experience may differ from the retail version.



The release of the game with all dungeons and boss fights.

Extra Content

On Hold

Additional 3 optional miniboss and additional 2 final boss forms with their respective endings.